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Dotloop Tips from Training


Thank you for taking Dotloop Training with The Relocation Engineer. I hope that you gained a lot of insight into ways to use Dotloop more effectively in your real estate business and also to become more efficient with using clauses and templates.

I promised you that I would share with you my dialogue that you can copy and paste into your first time signers message box.  This dialogue can be customized for your situation but I have this message setup as if the signer is also filling out some blanks using the CAN SIGN permission level and blank may be correct so these instructions are helpful.  Keep in mind these instructions are also for the use on a PC/Mac and there will be slight differences on a mobile site and also in the APPS.


I have completed the listing agreement paperwork for your thorough review, completion and signatures. The documents are also attached in PDF format below for your review if that method is easier for you to review, and even to print and sign.

Once you start signing and completing the documents you can click the NEXT tab on the left side or scroll and click on the boxes to fill in the data or sign.  Blank may be the correct response to some of the fields so once you have reached the bottom the system will start you back at the top at the first blank field. To tell the system that you are FINISHED go to the upper right corner and click I’M DONE.  You will then have the opportunity to create a password for your account. I recommend that you create an account as it is a HIGHER LEVEL of security for signing and then you can login at whenever you want and view documents or use the message board.



You can use this as a guide to make instructions as a PDF to place in the EASYOFFER FOLDER.


You have either logged in or created a Dotloop account to get this far.

Adding people - Now you will see that under the PEOPLE section that the listing agent (me) is already there as are the seller(s). So first I will walk you through adding yourself as buyer or buyer’s agent and your clients. Click ADD PERSON and begin entering their information. Enter the names as you want them to appear on the contracts. Remember, anyone who will be signing electronically in Dotloop will need a unique email address; two people are not able to sign as individuals from a single email address. Just add their name and email address. In Dotloop, Team Members see everything you see, so do not check that box, nor the intro-email box. Roles are very important. Be sure to select the correct role for the individual you are adding, as Dotloop will use the role to fill in their information onto documents for you. SO select Buyer, or Buyer’s Agent as appropriate.   Repeat until all the necessary buyers are added as people in the loop.

Working with documents - The Listing Agent has made this easy for you by providing as much information as possible to Dotloop. Documents are already ready for you in this loop. Click on the name of each document to open and review it and edit the data in the digitized boxes. Then where appropriate sign the document by clicking in the orange signature boxes. If you are the agent for a buyer you will have to share the document to them for signing before sharing them to the listing agent. If you change or revise signed documents a new version is created that is unsigned and will require new signatures. I will get the seller to re-sign those so don’t worry about that. Simply open the document and use TAB or your mouse to go from box to box reviewing the data to complete the document, sign it and then save it. Once save you can close it and repeat this for all documents.

Sharing - Now that you have reviewed and prepared all of the documents, you need to send them back to me for review with the seller. Checkmark the document(s) you wish to share, and click the large SHARE button located at the top right of the Documents section. This will open the Share Document(s) window. In this window you will see two sections, the first being the WHO HAS ACCESS portion. This will display who currently has the most recent version of the document(s) you selected, and what permissions they have when interacting with the document(s), displayed to the right. Below this is the ADD PEOPLE section. Checkmark the listing agent only in the list and choose the share privilege of CAN EDIT IN PRIVATE.

Upon clicking the SHARE button at the bottom right of the window, the share email will be sent to the listing agent. It is also a good idea to now call or text the agent to notify of your offer.     Thank you for submitting your offer and we will review it with the Seller and respond to you accordingly.


Other things to remember from our class:

  1. You do not need to share things in CAN FILL & SIGN permissions if you just assign the fields to the correct ROLE ahead of time.  Then you can share using CAN SIGN permission only.  Remember save the form as a template once you assign the roles and avoid that work in the future.
  2. Dotloop doesn't eat your homework, so reset FILTERS to find LOOPS you are looking for or SHOW ARCHIVED to see if the form is there or maybe those super clickers have clicked on the name of a folder and it is simply closed so you can't see the documents in that folder.
  3. To setup an EASY OFFER or to have your listing found by buyers agents you must have the loop as an ACTIVE LISTING, Listing AGENT ASSIGNED, and the Address input on the View Details screen.


*Note Dotloop is always improving and so some of the menus and screens amy change so keep an eye on changes that may appear subtle.  

PS:  I will work your Nashville, TN referrals diligently and treat them like family so send them my way and I will reciprocate in your area.



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